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Our Princesses

The Magic of an Ice Queen

Our Ice Queen

This is our first ever princess, and what a one to start with! Our ice queen is renowned for her high class vocals, bringing you all of the songs you want to hear. With her custom made gowns, you and your little ones will blink and believe it's really her! To hire this princess please

The Magic of an Ice Sister 

Our Ice Sister

Welcome to our second princess our ice sister, Anna! Bring a little frosty magic to your party with Anna, who can join you on her own, or alongside our ice sister (additional fees apply). To hire this princess please


The Magic of a Mermaid 

Our Mermaid Princess

Let Ariel show you the underwater world! We are so excited to launch our third princess, Ariel!  Click below to book this mesmerising princess!

The Magic of Rapunzel

Our Long-haired Princess

Let Rapunzel bring some bravery and joy to your party or event! This fun and fearless princess will certainly capture your young ones' hearts!  Click below to book this blonde princess!


The Original Princess 

Our "Fairest of them all" Princess

Welcome to OG and first ever official princess, our fairest of them all princess! Bringing you some Snow White magic, with her beautiful custom gown, and operatic performance, you and your guests will be enchanted by this fantastic princess.

Click below to book now!


The Magic of Beauty

Our Belle Inspired Princess

Another beautiful princess, inside and out, our Belle inspired princess comes to you with her gorgeous custom gown, in true original film likeness, and brings you all of the songs from a very loved classic. Please click here to hire this classic princess.


Watch this space...

The Magical Family Princess 

Our Magical Family Princess

Welcome to our fourth princess, our magical family princess, Mirabel! Bring a bit of cheeky sass to your party with Mirabel! Singing all of your favourite Encanto songs with style! Click below to book this fun princess!


The Magic of a Barbie!

Our Fantastic Plastic Character

Welcome to our pretty in pink, Stereotypical Barbie! Our first character and definitely not our last! Let Barbie come and entertain your party guests, with a live singing performance of songs from the new Barbie film, and themed party games and activities!  To book this character please click below!

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