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Our Characters

The Magic of a Barbie!

Our Fantastic Plastic Character

Welcome to our pretty in pink, Stereotypical Barbie! Our first character and definitely not our last! Let Barbie come and entertain your party guests, with a live singing performance of songs from the new Barbie film, and themed party games and activities!  To book this character please click below!


The Magic of a Barbie!

Our Disco Barbie

Welcome to our next doll; Disco Barbie! Bringing you lots of sparkle and fun in her pink disco outfit, she'll teach your little ones how to do a disco dance! Fun and lively, guaranteed to get all the children involved!

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The Magic of a Barbie!

Our Fashion Barbie

Our third doll is our Fashion Barbie! Obsessed with all things make up and clothes, this doll will teach your children how to walk the catwalk and is full of sass! And of course she'll sing all your favourite Barbie songs!

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The Magic of a Unicorn

Blossom, Our Unicorn Princess

Welcome to our pretty in pink Unicorn Princess, exclusive to MOAP! For those mini princesses who love all things unicorns! Blossom will take you on a mystical journey through her story of how she became a unicorn princess; where your little ones will learn all about Clover the forest fairy, the ruler of the unicorns, and the magical journey all unicorns must take to become a princess and enter the human world! Our Unicorn princess will sing your favourite songs too and bring all the magic of a princess to your party!

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